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Air Conditioning Servicing and Regas

There is a good chance your car has air conditioning and to keep it working efficiently you need to have it serviced regularly.  Rather than wait for that moment when the sun is out and you turn on your air con just to find it is blowing
out air hot enough to cook popcorn, call us now to arrange an appointment. 

Over time many air con systems will lose gas, this doesn't mean they are irrevocably broken, it just means they need some new gas put in. All our staff are trained and have the qualifications to allow them to regas any vehicles air conditioning system.


Air Conditioning Servicing and Regas

Air Conditioning Performance Check

Book your appointment today and we will have one of our

experienced certified technicians look over your air con.

Air Conditioning Questions
If you have any questions about your air con system, or are wondering if it needs a regas please call us and we are happy to arrange an appointment where we will be able to give you a answer and a quotation for any work that is needed.

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