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Diagnosing a problem on a modern car is a mixture of technology and experience. Luckily we have plenty of both.

By investing in the latest technology and sharing our knowledge and experience we are able to diagnose problems quickly and efficiently. Which means your car spends less time in the shop and ultimately saves you money.

Fault diagnoses calls often start with "my check engine light is on".

This one comment covers so many different problems it is impossible for any car repair shop to tell you what is wrong without looking at your vehicle.

We have the latest computer diagnostic equipment and make sure our team members are trained to use it efficiently.

While we specialize in German made cars we can diagnose just about any fault on any car.

While we use a lot of computers to diagnose the issue, we have also built up years of experience so we can recognize a issue we have seen before.

We get our data from a number of sources, Car manufacturers, BOSCH and Auto data (market leading company in this field). This makes sure that we have the latest information along with the correct tools and the best staff to help diagnose the issue and get it fixed in a cost effective manner

If you have a problem that other garages have not been able to diagnose give us a call and we are confident we can find it and fix it.

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