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Electric Car Servicing

While electric and hybrid technology has improved dramatically and generally they need less maintenance than gasoline cars.The bad news is that they still need regular maintenance and they do need repairs at times. But don't worry we can help.

Call us on 01722 321330 to discuss your hybrid and electric car needs.

Whether you have one of the most popular cars, a Nissan Note or a Toyota Prius, or a new and upcoming model like the Hyundai ioniq we can help keep it in top condition.

What is a ‘hybrid’?

Serial Hybrid
A serial Hybrid  uses a conventional petrol or diesel engine for its main power source and has an electric motor and a small battery pack to provide some extra power, typically under acceleration and at lower speeds.

Plug-in Hybrids
Plug-in electric vehicles (PHEVs). These models have larger battery packs than the serial hybrids. This allows the car to drive on purely electric power for some distance. The reason why they are called Plug In Hybrids is because they have to be plugged into the electric at home or a charging post (which are still rare but growing in number).

Generally the plug in’s are are good for 20+ miles of driving on the electric power alone. This is generally enough for many people to get to work (and if you are lucky you can charge your hybrid at work). As a hybrid you still have the gasoline or diesel engine to take you the rest of your journey.

Range-extender Hybrids
These are the latest innovation in the Hybrid vehicle market. These have a larger battery pack than either of the other two types as well as a combustion engine and a electric motor.

The big difference with a range extender hybrid is that the petrol/diesel engine only gets used to recharge the battery packs. If you are looking for a longer range for electric only use this is the level of hybrid for you.

You still have the backup of a traditional fossil fuel engine but you can go to work and probably do a full day of local driving before you have to find a electric socket.

No matter what make and model of electric car you have we can service and repair it for you. 

Hybrid or electric cars are no longer science fiction as they seemed to be when they first appeared in the 90's.


They are everywhere, there are many models available and we can service and repair them all. They have dramatically improved over the years with extended battery life and improved reliability.

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