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Every part of the car you drive has changed in the last 20 years. The steering, wheels and even the tires have changed dramatically.

The roads we all drive on have not kept up and driving over all the bumps and through the pot holes, which seem to multiply daily, can ruin your cars alignment.

This means your tires and every part of the steering is being used and worn in a way that it was never designed for. Your tires are wearing out faster and your steering is taking unnecessary wear.

Call Us To Arrange A Alignment Check 01722 321330

Car companies recommend having your alignment checked twice a year. 

Because having the correct alignment is so important we have invested in the latest in digital equipment. Targets are attached to your wheels and digital cameras are used to precisely work out the alignment on every plane.

Having this 3D image of the car showing the exact position of each wheel, allows live adjustments and a print out at the end of the alignment procedure. 

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